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Following the latest trends of our times, we are trying to be one step a head before others. We have the experince to implement the Medical marketing in the area of Digital. We offer specialised solutions so that the right audience reach you.

We accoplish this by conducting a research on your audience and the latest trends of your industry. The key role to the creation of your strategy is the monitoring of the competition and your unique selling points that makes you stand out.

This service is suitable for dermatologists, gynakologists, surgeons etc.

More specifically we focus on:


Strategy Creation

We consider your needs, your resources and your goals, and we provide you with strategic plans that will be implemented in the proper online marketing channels. Beacuse of the great competition in this industry, the targeting of the audience and the marketing channels is well focused so that the right results will come.

We treat each customer as our partner. Thus we welcome and enacourage his involvment in the monthly marketing plan in order to develop the right marketing promotional activities. We must also consider in our marketing mix the seasonality of demand and offers as the key point for the success of our campaigns.


Website Creation

Your website is the first point of transaction when someone looks for information for the products and services of your business. Thus, your website should be targeted to your customer with a user friendly experience. The better is your website, the better will be the experience of your visitor with your website and the greater the posibillity that your visitor will turn into a customer. Depending on your needs we will built your website from A to Z. In brief, we offer:

  • Website design
  • Web hosting services
  • Responsive tablet & mobile design,
  • Creation of SEO friendly content for all search engines

Digital Marketing


Social Media Marketing

Given that you have created strategy, we promote your services and products according to your content and your brandto the utilised marketing channels. Our expertised team, the editor, the Social Media Manager, the Graphic Designer and the Managing Director, will take care of the management and promotion of your account to targeted audience with the most efficient ads for your business.


Google Adwords Management

At first, we provide you with an analysis of the best keywords that describe your business and your business goals. Based on that, we evaluate the potential results based on your budget for an efficient Google Adwords Campaign. We always consider elegant and attractive content when we create your adword campaigns. Finally, we always aim at choosing and designing the right landing pages for the success fo the campaigns.

For instance, if a patient, (8 out of 10), looks for any symptoms that are related with your medical specialty your website will appear at the first page of google search.


Content Marketing

“Content is king”. A well constructed and targeted content is the King, is the key factor that can attract the right and most loyal customers, willing to follow your business at the marketing chanells with your news, offers and any other updates.
The content can be a post, an image, a video or anything else that attract the interest of your potential customer.
Infographics is a good way to attract your audience and inform them with the right and usefull statistical data. In addition, an interactive content , such as a video, is an alternative way to present information in fun and easy to understand way.

We provide you with specialiased bloggers and editors, who can create your content with your key topics and work in order to promote it succesfully in the health industry.



It is a common practise that eveyone searchs for information regarding health over the search engines, it is important that your website is optimised according the search engine configurations. SEO ( search engine optimization) is the service that is provided for your website.


Email Marketing

It is essential to keep the interest of your audience for the new trends and your offers. Sending weekly newsletters, you keep in touch with them, while you let your audience know about your services and your sales. To make it so, we make it sure that your newsletter stand out, as most of your visitors receive hundrends of emails on daily basis. We take care of the content and design creation of the newsletters that follow the latest trends.


Graphic Design

Your offline and online presence is important to have a single and the same feel. The graphics is the first point of contact that someone has with your brand. The colors, the designs even the layout must represent your brand identity and serve their purpose in the best way. We create logos, meaning your Business Identity based on which we will create:

  • Leaflets
  • Letterheads
  • Business cards
  • And anything elase that might be needed.

In other words, we design your image based on your philosophy so that it will be clear to your audience and will make a great impact.

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